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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Telangana News Updates

Telangana employees to launch indefinite strike in April

(PTI) Hyderabad: Under flak from some sections of Telangana supporters for calling off their non-cooperation agitation, Andhra Pradesh government employees in Telangana region today said they will launch an indefinite strike in the last week of April.
“We have decided to serve an indefinite strike notice in the last week of April once the examinations of students are over,” N Vithal, a leader of Telangana government employees associations, told reporters here.
“We are very much active in the pro-Telangana agitation and we will continue our struggle till Telangana flag is held aloft on the Assembly building,” K Swamy Goud, another leader, said.
The plans of the Telangana employees to undertake indefinite strike came in the wake of criticism made by some sections of the government employees for calling off the non-cooperation agitation “abruptly” from Saturday last.
The government employees in the region even burnt the effigies of leaders like Swamy Goud at some places.
The Telangana employees, under the aegis of Joint Action Committee, had launched the non-cooperation agitation and abstained from work since February 17.
The government conceded the main demands of the JAC, including ensuring a 42 per cent share in jobs to people from Telangana, constituting a judicial committee to review the implementation of Presidential Order in respect of government jobs and cancelling the “illegal deputation” of officers.
Swamy Goud signed an agreement with the government on implementation of the demands in the presence of Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy Friday last when they called off the non-cooperation stir “temporarily”.
Swamy Goud and other leaders cited requests from students, parents and pensioners as the reason for calling off the non-cooperation agitation.
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‘Telangana Solidarity Day’ in Minneapolis, MN (U.S.A)

A group of Telangana NRIs organized ‘Telangana Solidarity Day’ in Minneapolis (city), Minnesota (state) – U.S.A on Saturday, March 05, 2011 to support Telangana state formation. NRIs raised the slogans of ‘Jai Telangana – Jai Jai Telangana’ and declared their support to the ‘Million March to Hyderabad’. Addressing the media, NRIs demanded that the Government of India should introduce Telangana state bill in the current parliament session itself. Telangana NRIs further assured their fullest co-operation to any activity taken up in favor of Telangana state reinstatement. The event was ended by observing two minute silence in memory of the Telangana martyrs.
Raj News link:
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Nagam singled out in the assembly

Alleging that Nagam Janardhan Reddy is working on his own agenda, TDP Telangana MLAs have launched a tirade against Nagam in the media. Nagam was the only person who held ‘Jai Telangana’ placards and raised slogans in state assembly today. Speaking at the media, Nagam said that he still abides by the party’s principles but might his own decision if TDP works against the telangana cause. He said that he is not working for his own benefit and that it won’t be proper to attend the assembly sessions when other parties who are fighting for a separate Telangana state have boycotted the house.
Not conferring with his statements, TDP MLA Revanth Reddy said that it is unfortunate to see a few people in the party who became Conveners with their support, are working on their own agenda now. He said that Janardhan Reddy is working on his own agenda now a days and is hurting the reputation of Telugu Desam Party.
Looks like Nagam may not continue in TDP for long. Has Chandrababu opened his third evil eye to eliminate Nagam?
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Million March to be held on March 10 itself

After a meeting here in Hyderabad today,  The Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) has decided to go ahead with the Million March to Hyderabad on March 10th it self. Please read the following message and share it with others to make Million March a grand success.

Thanks Vamshi Krishna for sharing
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TJAC to take a final call on Million March today

The Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) will meet today to decide whether or not to go ahead with the Million March to Hyderabad on March 10. There is a possibility of deferring the protest in view of the examinations scheduled for that day.
A final decision could only be taken by the TJAC. The date of the Million March clashes with the Intermediate English Paper II examination. Speaking to mediapersons, KCR said the UPA has acted irresponsibly by not making any statement though the TRS and Telangana MPs in other parties have stalled the proceedings of the Lok Sabha.
As the state government is firm on holding the examiantions on schedule, parents represented to KCR against holding the rally at this time.
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Ashok Amarahe!

Ashok, who inhaled tear gas released by police on students during recent clashes on the Osmania University campus and developed health complication, died yesterday while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Warangal.
Ashok, was a first year student of MA (public administration) at PG college, Secunderabad. According to reports, Ashok took part in the recent ‘Chalo Assembly’ protest called by OUJAC demanding tabling of separate Telangana bill in the Parliament.
As students tried to venture out of the campus, police obstructed them leading to a violent clash between the two groups. Police lobbed several tear gas shells to quell students who were hurling stones at them and Ashok reportedly got injured by one of the shell and he inhaled the gas.
Ashok, who was an asthma patient, was shifted to a hospital in the city and as his condition showed signs of improvement, he was discharged and he went to his native place in Warangal district.
A few days later, Ashok developed health complications and was admitted to the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial hospital in Warangal where he died today. The OUJAC held a condolence meeting and took out a rally condoling his death.
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Telanganites take up solidarity march in Bay Area

Telangana NRIs in Bay Area, California gathered in huge numbers at Gandhi Statue to show their solidarity for TJAC’s million march. They requested all the Telanganites to make Million March a grand success. They demanded that a bill in favor of Telangana be passed in the parliament.

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Telanganites take up solidarity march in Los Angeles

Telanganites in Los Angeles, CA have taken up a huge rally to show their solidarity for TJAC’s million march to be held on 10th March. Raising slogans of ‘Jai Telangana’, they staged a dharna at Pioneer Blvd for 2 hours. They demanded that a bill be passed in favor of Telangana at the earliest.
Dr. Vijaya Kesari, Vijaypal Kesireddy, Ajay Reddy Konda, Vikram Varma, Ravi Kumar Boddu, Vikram Bojjam, Venkat Yiramalla, Papa Rao Velishala, Kiran Juvvadi, Ravi Dharanipathi, Harsha, Srikanth , Jyothi, Veena, Bhavana, Divya, Annnapurna, Madavi, Ravi Dhyapa and others participated in the event.

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Peaceful gathering at Indian High Commission, London

TDF UK & Europe requests your presence for a peaceful gathering near Indian High Commission, London.
We hereby invite all Telangana Non-Resident Indians living in UK to gather in order to show solidarity to the million people marching in Hyderabad, India to achieve separate state for Telangana. All Telangana Non Resident Indian groups across the world showing solidarity to this million march by doing peaceful gathering/demonstrations at their respective places.
So, we as TDF UK & Europe are gathering near India House in London for peaceful demonstration & try to submit the request petition to High Commissioner of India, London based on availability.
Place: India House, Aldwych, London WC2B 4NA
Date: 10th March 2011, 9 AM to 11 AM.
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Who gained with non-cooperation?

It is really disappointing that the employees have withdrawn non-cooperation.  Nothing can be achieved without sacrifices. Had T Employees carried out their non-cooperation a month more we could have seen substantial outcomes for the formation of telangana.
Though their agitation for half a month has given substantial boost to the movement, the withdrawal is like 1 step ahead 2 steps back!!
With due respect to employee unions I strongly condemn this kind of withdrawal.
A common telanganite didn’t ask employees to go for non-cooperation, it was purely their call. And who suffers after this..a common telanganite!
I know that sitting here and criticizing is easy..but some how I couldn’t resist from lodging my protest. My intention is not to offend any section of telangana, but T-JAC should give a real thought before planning their future course of actions.
As a sincere citizen of telangana, I’m still unanswered as “Who gained with non-cooperation?”!!
Thanks Pramod for sharing
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Students to March to Parliament

Invitation to Convention for the formation of Students’ Solidarity Committee for Separate Telangana
10am – 5pm, 10 March 2011, JNU, New Delhi

Students’ March to Parliament
12 pm, 11 March 2011, Mandi House to Parliament Street

The world has been very much familiar with the history of the heroic sacrifices of the Telangana people. The struggle for a separate Telangana state is one of the most longstanding democratic movements of the Indian subcontinent. From the very inception of Andhra Pradesh in 1956 the people of Telangana have demanded a separate statehood. The more than five decades of continuous struggle have resulted today in the recognition and acceptance of a separate Telangana as a necessity among the people of the country. There is a wide acceptance among the rest of Andhra Pradesh that its people have a right to a separate statehood because they have been economically, socially, politically and culturally exploited and discriminated against by the rulers of Seemandhra. Clearly, it is only with the formation of a separate Telangana that a concrete step towards resolving the problems of the region can be taken, and a true people-oriented process of development can be initiated.
The present Telangana movement is in a continuation to the movement that had begun seven decades ago, with a great vision to liberate Telangana people from the clutches of Nizam’s brutal autocracy and the system of Vetti. The people of Telangana were made to join the Indian Union on 17 September 1948, while the people of India is said to have got independence from British colonialism on 15 August 1947. This political change created the necessary conditions to exploit the region with the establishment of Seemandhra colonial rule in the form of government employees from Seemandhra, who replaced the Nizam rule. Seeing that the independent Hyderabad state has been a potential source of natural resources like coal, iron-ore, limestone, forest wealth, water resources and the cheap labour of hard-working Telangana people, Seemandhra capitalists and feudal landlords who constitute the ruling classes usurped the Telangana region. Against the recommendations of Fazl Ali State Reorganisation Committee Report which recommended Hyderabad state to be independent, and against the aspirations of the Telangana people, Andhra Pradesh state was formed, merging Seemandhra region with Telangana region. All the GOs, committees and agreements that have been made, right from the Gentlemen’s Agreement in 1956 to GO 36, 6 Point Formula, 8 Point Formula, Regional Council, Presidential Order, 610 GO, Girglani Commission, Pranab Mukherjee Committee, Rosaiah Committee and even the most recent Sri Krishna Committee, are the attempts of the Government of India to betray the democratic demands of the Telangana people, who have consistently fought against the secret plot behind the ‘Telugu nationality’.
Above all, in the United Andhra Pradesh, Telangana people are to lead the existence of mere ‘second grade citizens’. The people of Telangana region, which is rich in natural resources, are to migrate and live as bonded labourers. The exploitative policies followed by the central government in collusion with the regional ruling classes of Seemandhra has led to the scarcity of water for both drinking and cultivation purposes, even when Telangana has several perennial rivers like Krishna and Godavri running through the region. The negligence of the Seemandhra government to develop better irrigation and safe drinking water facilities can be identified as the cause for the increased number of farmers’ suicides and Fluorosis cases in the Telangana region. It is due to nearly 3 lakh Seemandhra employees, who illegally occupied several governmental positions reserved for Telangana people by producing fake local certificates, graduates and post graduates from Telangana are compelled to become auto drivers, day-labourers and some even have to leave the motherland for abroad(Dubai, Muscat and Saudi Arabia etc.) to be bonded labourers. It is heart-rending to know that the parents, wives and the children of the dead in abroad are not in a position to pay the last sight to their beloved. Telangana region has now become dried and decimated due to internal colonial exploitation by the Seemandhra ruling classes that began in 1956 with its merger with Seemandhra. Threat of loosing language, dialect and the culture, Telangana people have been fighting against economic, political and cultural exploitation to have independence from Seemandhra domination. In 1953, Jawaharlal Nehru, then Prime Minister of India, rightly identified the expansionist designs behind the idea of Visalandhra and at a public meeting in Nizamabad compared the conditional merger of Telangana and Seemandhra with the matrimonial alliance which always have a provision of divorce in case the alliance becomes unwanted for any party. Even after seeing through the reasons behind the merger, Nehru gave in to the Seemandhra ruling classes’ interests, and did a historic injustice to Telangana by approving the merger. Subsequent Indian rulers, be it Indira Gandhi or presently Sonia Gandhi, followed the path of Nehru to act against Telangana.
Telangana movement is a democratic movement for self- respect, liberty, equality and fraternity, for which the people of Telangana have been fighting for decades. Going against the people’s justified and democratic demand, the Central Government under the leadership of Indira Gandhi and the State Government under the Seemandhra leader Kasu Brahmananda Reddy had brutally suppressed the people’s movement in 1969 firing bullets, killing around 400 students and putting thousands behind the bars. In this way, the government has acted to serve the interests of only the ruling classes, employing different repressive methods to put an end to the people’s heroic battle. They have drenched Telangana region with bloodshed, violating even the fundamental right of its people to live. While Telangana movement has followed a non-violent path and remained under the constitutional limits, the government has been most violent, undemocratic and unconstitutional in addressing it.
In 1971 the Telangana people overwhelmingly cast their votes to TPS, a party that went to people with the single demand for separate Telangana state. The people made TPS victorious with a thumping majority, electing 11 parliamentary members out of its 14 candidates. This continued in 2001, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010 elections when TRS party went with the same demand and the people of Telangana expressed their aspirations repeatedly. But, all the political parties, particularly the Congress party, have been successfully using the people’s emotions and their heroic sacrifices to play their political games in order to come to power. The Congress party, in the 2004 elections, included the demand for separate Telangana in its election manifesto. However, it changed its stand once it came to power, cleverly constituting the Pranab Mukherjee Committee to delay the process of state formation. It again repeated the same in the 2009 elections. But bowing down to the latest phase of the movement with participation of people from all walks of life, including students and advocates, the Home Minister of India Mr. P. Chidambaram officially announced on 9 December 2009 the initiation of the process of introducing the Telangana Bill in the parliament. But the Congress, influenced by the Seemandhra ruling classes, once again repeated its history of betrayal and changed its own statement in less than 15 days of announcement.
For the past 14 months, the ruling Congress has imposed a military rule in Telangana by deploying large numbers of paramilitary forces all over the region. It has appointed a cruel and anti-people ex-police officer, Mr. Narasimhan, as the governor of Andhra Pradesh in order to turn Telangana region into a sea of blood. These paramilitary forces have been lathi-charging the protesting students, firing rubber bullets and tear gas shells on them and filing false cases against the students to put them behind bars. These armed forces have occupied colleges, universities and the student hostels (including those of the girls), torturing the students with their inhuman behaviour and derogatory language. These forces are not even hesitant in assaulting the media persons who try to report the police atrocities on the students and the common people. The Journalists’ Forum has marked its protest against these actions. The police have also tried to break the movement from inside by acting as agent-provocateurs, joining the student protestors in civil dress and pelting stones at their own fellow policemen, and later charging the students for violence. In these ways, the government has been converting the universities into war zones, and are playing with the lives and aspirations of the Telangana people. In this critical situation, many of the dejected youth, who had dreams of a bright future in a separate and independent Telangana state, have been committing suicides leaving behind their suicide notes addressed to the rulers. Not less than 600 students have committed suicide so far. While the Congress government has been indifferent to the self-immolation of these students, the leaders of Telangana political parties too are mortgaging the self-respect of Telangana people for their personal political careers. The progressive and democratic sections of the country, all major parliamentary parties of India such as BJP, BSP, CPI, JDU, FB, RPI, excluding CPI(M), and various democratic and people’s organisations have extended their solidarity to the demand of separate Telangana state.
There is an urgent need to stand in solidarity with the people of Telangana in the coming phase of their struggle, and to build up a movement across the country in its support. The students and youth of Telangana have spearheaded the movement with their militant and uncompromising struggle in the past, which have captured the imagination of not only the people of Telangana but also outside. Now is the need to build a broad-based solidarity of students and student organisations across various states and regions with the fighting masses of Telangana, particularly with its students and youth. With the movement now about to enter a critical phase, solidarity of students for a separate Telangana is the need of the hour. It is with this understanding that the students of universities and colleges of Telangana wish to invite you/your organisation to participate in a students’ convention in New Delhi towards forming a solidarity platform where students and students’ organisations across various states and regions can come together with the agenda of fighting for a separate Telangana state. The convention will be followed by a march to parliament demanding that the central government introduce a bill for separate Telangana within the budget session.
● Implement the Central Government’s official statement on separate Telangana state made on 9 December 2009 by introducing a bill in the parliament in the coming budget session!
● Withdraw the paramilitary forces deployed in Telangana region, including university and college campuses!
● Withdraw all the cases that have been filed on the protesting Telangana students, activists and the people!
On behalf of Preparatory Committee
Students’ Solidarity Committee for Separate Telangana

All India Backward Students’ Front (AIBSF), All India Students’ Association (AISA), Democratic Students’ Union (DSU), JNU Forum for Telangana, Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MSAD), Progressive Democratic Students’ Union (PDSU), Students’ Islamic Organisation (SIO), Students’ Uprising Movement, Tamil Nadu (SUMS), Committee for Peace and Democracy, Manipur (CPDM), Telangana Students’ JAC.
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SA intellectuals say YES to Telangana

Intellectuals from Seemandhra have written an open letter to the MLAs, MPs, and MLCs of their region to cooperate with the formation of Telangana. Noted Journalist Potthuri Venkateshwar Rao, NIMS director Kakarla Subba Rao, Tripuraneni Hanuman Chowdary, Katthi Padma Rao have released the letter to media today.
They said ” It is possible that about 20 lakh people have migrated to Hyderabad in the past 50 years but, that should not be a deciding factor for the future of a state. Its not correct on part of Seemandhra MLAs and MPs to talk about making Hyderabad a Union Territory. Instead, they should discuss about the problems that might arise after separation and find solutions to it.”
They expressed their dissatisfaction over Seemandhra leaders behavior in this matter and said that they are creating an impression as if they are the road blocks for Telangana.
“It took 50 years for Hyderabad to develop to what it is now but, we can develop a new capital to this stature in 10 years. That should not be a problem.” they advised.
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Looks like ‘adhishtanam’ is the only barrier!

If we analyse the developments in the last one week, Congress adhishtanam alone has emerged the only barrier before Telangana State formation. The stunningly successful ‘Rail Roko’ Program, the sterling performance of two MPs of TRS and blazingly brilliant speech by Sushma Swaraj, in the Loksabha has completely transformed the scenario for Telangana. These events have brought in a sea change in the outlook of T-Congress and T-Tdp legislators and made them stall Assembly and Parliament proceedings with some degree of success. Though, there is not much change in CBN and Andhra congress ‘Thugs’ like Kavuri, Rayapati, JC  etc., Yet, a very perceptible weakening of opposition to Telangana is discernible in the rank and file of Andhra-congress  and Andhra-tdp. The total mobilization of Telangana people in ‘non-cooperation’ and ‘Rail Roko’ and the volte-face of T-congress and T-tdp on their earlier ambiguous stand have brought in a kind of fait accompli on the issue. Now as the things stand, CBN and the ‘Thugs’ of Andhra Congress will not be able to do much, if Congress Party takes a firm decision.
Yet, the Congress Adhishtanam do not seem to have taken cognizance of the developments or deliberately stalling it for some incongruous reasons, better known to them. Is it still the fear of theses handful of Andhra Congress-Thugs? Or is there any other agenda up the sleeves of Sonia Gandhi? Whatever it be, the popularity of Congress Party is taking a nose dive in both the regions because of the total unrest in Telangana and the near total collapse of administration in the state. After all Politics is for the welfare of people not for the welfare of Political Parties. May be the ‘adhishtanam’ did not get enough so far. Let us hope that the impending ‘Hyderabad Million March’ will provide enough kick for the much needed action.
Presently, ‘Congress Adhishtanam’ is looming very large between Telangana people and Telangana State.
Thanks Janardhan Janumpalli for sharing
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Non-Cooperation to continue

Talks between the chief minister and Telangana employee associations remained inconclusive on Thursday resulting in further delay in the release of the salaries of the government employees. The chief minister, ministers of his cabinet, MPs, MLAs and about three lakh government employees have still not been paid their February salaries.
The talks came to a standstill as employees refused to give a self-declaration stating that they had attended office as sought by the state government.
Earlier, the state government said it would cut the wages of employees taking part in the non-cooperation agitation since February 17 and directed the others who worked during the period to submit a self-declaration.
Telangana employees have decided to continue with their non-cooperation agitation.
Interestingly, the Governor received his salary along with Raj Bhavan employees, police personnel and the judicial department.
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Should KCR/Vijayashanti resign?

Have been hearing this news through out the evening! If this news has any credibility (it has scrolls in Raj News too), I would request the Telangana community to raise their voice against the move. KCR has been fighting for the cause and all sections from telangana have realized what SA media was propagandizing against our great leader post Dec 2009.
As quoted by KCR so many times we shouldn’t be disheartened with the dirty politics of Congress/TDP and there is no need for KCR/Vijayashanti to resign! It was past when KCR had to resign again and again to educate people about his honest struggle for telangana. Now entire telangana is with you Mr. KCR.
Mr. KCR you and your party TRS have done sacrifices through resignations so many times, now its the time for T  Congress/TDP leaders to show their commitment.
Please please withdraw any thought of you resigning!!
Dear telanganites I hope you agree with my thoughts on this and echo your voices!
Thanks Pramod for sharing
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Does Jupally Krishna Rao’s resignation has any sanity?

Speaking to the media after submitting his resignation to Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, Jupally Krishna Rao said :
” I was given ticket by Congress Party and so, I have given my resignation to CM and will send the same to Sonia Gandhi. I’m resigning to my ministerial post. When all the MLAs have boycotted the assembly, how can I continue to be in the assembly as a minister? I’ve already promised that I would resign last year and today I’m just walking my talk. I’m demanding a time bound process for the formation of Telangana. It should be announced during this budget session. If not, I will go ahead and resign to my MLA post too. I might even do an indefinite fast for the cause. I still have faith in our leader Sonia Gandhi and I believe there would be a positive statement on Telangana during this budget session.”
Though we should appreciate him for this, one doubts the sanity in his resignation. If he really wants to resign, why can’t he submit his resignation to Governor? Why has he resigned to his ministerial post only? Why doesn’t he resign as MLA too? What’s pulling him behind? There are so many questions that are to be answered.
Another advantage of his resignation has been that Sushma Swaraj raised this point in parliament today saying ” the CM of Andhra pradesh did not get his salary, a minister has resigned, all the people are demanding Telangana in one voice, if the government decides to put a bill on Telangana in this budget session, we NDA, are ready to pass it”.
In any case, this would definitely bring pressure on other ministers. What other ministers have to say on this, is to be seen.
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Telangana issue rocks parliament again!

The demand for a separate Telangana rocked Parliament again today with TRS, BJP and Congress members from the region forcing adjournment of both Houses till noon.
As soon as the Lok Sabha met for the day, TRS members K. Chandrashekar Rao and M. Vijayashanti rushed to the ‘Well’, demanding formation of a separate Telangana. They were supported by BJP members.
Telangana Congress leaders too were seen in the aisle raising slogans for a separate Telangana, while TDP members were seen waving placards favouring a ’United Andhra Pradesh’. A Congress member went across to the TDP members and snatched the placard and joined his protesting colleagues.
Failing to convince the agitating leaders, Speaker Meira Kumar adjourned the House till noon. Later it was adjourned  again till 2:00 pm.
The Rajya Sabha was adjourned twice in the Question Hour following uproar by BJP members on the issue. When the House met for the day, BJP members including Venkiah Naidu were on their feet seeking to know from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who was present in the House, the status of creation of a separate Telangana state. Chairman Hamid Ansari asked members to raise the issue during Zero Hour but this did not satisfy BJP members who trooped into the Well.
When the House reassembled, similar scenes were witnessed, with BJP members again rushing to the well. Mr. Ansari then adjourned the House till 1200 hours.
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Hyderabad Million March on March 10. Are you joining?

JAC convener Professor Kodandaram today reiterated that there would be no change in the date for Million March.
“The Million March will be on an unprecedented scale. The party will identify half a dozen places in Hyderabad for the people to sit and cook food. The party will take up campaign for the protest from March 5,” TRS leader KT Rama Rao said after the state executive meeting of the party where party chief K Chandrasekhar Rao had outlined his plans of taking the movement forward.
“The programme is intended to demonstrate our commitment to the Telangana cause. Since Hyderabad belongs to all Telangana people, they will march to the city. No police permission is required,” TRS leader Nayani Narasimha Reddy said.
“TRS chief KCR’s family too will cook food on the road and eat. KCR himself has said it at the meeting,” Narasimha Reddy said.
Ahead of the Million March, preparatory work will begin in right earnest.
“For all the 150 divisions in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, incharges are being appointed.
In all at least 3,000 Telangana leaders will be working to ensure the programme’s success,” Narasimha Reddy said.
Cultural troupes would be out on the roads, telling the people the importance of the Million March, he said.
Are you going to be part of this historical event?
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Jupally Krishna Rao resigns

State minister for Endowments, Mr. Jupally Krishna Rao has decided to resign today. He belongs to Kollapur constituency in Mahabubnagar district. In his resignation letter, he mentioned that he was resigning for the cause of Telangana and that he would not take it back unless the center announces a time bound formation of Telangana state. He will be submitting his resignation to CM Kiran Kumar Reddy and also to Congress president Ms. Sonia Gandhi.
More updates to follow.
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Kavuri : Will Telangana MPs resign?

The siege of Eluru MP Kavuri Sambasiva Rao’s Banjara Hills residence by Telangana lawyers on Wednesday led to a confrontation between Telangana and Andhra leaders of the Congress.
The lawyers, accusing Sambasiva Rao of working against the Telangana cause, marched to his residence and staged a dharna, raising slogans that they would not allow such leaders to live in Hyderabad or hold meetings. Though police detained them, the incident triggered a rash of protests, challenges and counter-challenges between leaders of the two regions.
Angry with the lawyers’ protest, Sambasiva Rao questioned whether the advocates would get Telangana if they intimidated him. There was no point in attacking his house at a time when the commitment of the Telangana leaders to the T-cause itself was doubtful, he said and sought to know if any MP from the region was ready to resign. He advised the lawyers to go to the MP whom they had elected and confront him.
Reacting to Sambasiva Rao’s challenge, Nalgonda MP Gutta Sukhender Reddy said he was ready to resign tomorrow itself and Karimangar MP Ponnam Prabhakar echoed the same views. TRS leader T Harish Rao thanked Sambasiva Rao for explaining how useless Congress MPs from Telangana were.
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Telangana issue to rock parliament again

Telangana issue is going to rock parliament again. TRS would press for a discussion on the Telangana issue in Lok Sabha tomorrow with the help of NDA and CPI members, TRS MLA and party president K Chandrasekhar Rao’s son K T Rama Rao said today.
“Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow as well, we will move an adjournment motion requesting a discussion on Telangana issue and the promise that was made by the Union Government on the December 9, 2009. If the Speaker does not allow for discussion, we will surely protest, we will surely stall the house,” he told reporters after a meeting of the party’s state executive meeting.
KCR and Vijayashanthi left for Delhi today to attend the Parliament session from tomorrow. Supported by the BJP , the TRS members have disrupted the Lok Sabha over the Telangana issue ahead of the presentation of Railway Budget and General Budget. With TRS members raising the Telangana demand, the ruling Congress MPs from Telangana region and TDP too have raised the pitch on contentious issue.
The Congress MPs had, in fact, threatened to “commit suicide” if their demand for separate state is not met.
Rama Rao urged the Union Home Minister P Chidambaram to reconsider his decision to convene a meeting of parties from Andhra Pradesh on the Telangana issue only when all of them are “ready” to give their views.
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TDP MLA, Pocharam Srinivas to resign

Telugu Desam MLA from Banswada, Pocharam Srinivas, who had quit the party and joined hands with Telangana forces, said that he would resign from his MLA post when the assembly is in session.
Addressing a demonstration staged by employees’ JAC at NTR crossroads as part of the non-cooperation movement here, Srinivas Reddy said that he would resign before the completion of the present budget session. “Before handing over my resignation papers to the deputy Speaker, I would talk in the assembly as to how injustice was meted out to the region by the Andhra rulers since the formation of the state,” he said.
He said his followers, including ward members, sarpanches, mandal parishad territorial constituency members, zilla parishad territorial constituency members and other elected representatives would also resign.
Way to go Srinivas. Are others listening?
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Hyderabad: United with Telangana not Union Territory

Nowadays there’s been a trend emerging among seemandhra people living in Hyderabad and also among some of the seemandhra legislators that if Centre wants to give telangana then Hyderabad must be made union territory (UT). I think someone should give a tight slap on the face of people demanding as such. Let us see why Hyderabad cannot be a union territory. I will sum up important five of the many reasons why such a foolish idea is not possible:

1. Cultural aspect

The most important truth to be noticed is, Hyderabad has its own culture…even before the Britishers arrived…..even before the seemandhras arrived….and even before the hi-tech city arrived. This ‘hyderabadi’ culture is the reflection of the people of telangana and vice versa. However, the seemandhra media univocally and continuously spills the venom that most of the Hyderabad population is from seemandhra which is most untruthful and unethical. Just a glimpse, as per State minority welfare affairs ministry the muslim population itself in Hyderabad is about 42% and I can guarantee you that none of them came from seemandhra. So the underlying point is, if we include others living in old city, and other parts especially Ghoshamahal, chaderghat, Osmania, Seethaphalmandi, Mallepally…and so on, the total telanganite population in Hyderabad will be around 85 -90%. Final word, it’s not possible to carve a union territory to the benefit of 10-15% of the population.
2. Geographical Aspect
This is the most weighing aspect among all others. Geographically it’s not feasible to carve a UT when it is located in heart of another state. It’s ridiculous….never in the history such an event has taken place. If and only if Hyderabad was on the border of two states…then maybe it would have been geographically feasible to become UT just like Chandigarh. But that is not the case here; one has to travel at least 200KM inside Telangana from any direction to reach Hyderabad. So we can rule out this possibility unless if the center wants to implement option 4 (which will not be the case).
3. Resources
OK, let’s imagine a scenario that tomorrow center implements the UT status to Hyderabad. First and foremost important factor is the availability of resources….from where will this people get drinking water? If telangana gives a call to block roads entering and exiting HYD then where will this people go? So it will be unwise to make HYD a UT with respect to the resources and needs of the people.
4. Legislative
The people who are talking that Hyderabad be made a UT especially ‘telanagana drohulu’ Mukesh goud, Danam, Talasani and Teegala do not realize if UT is made then the assembly needs to be dissolved. Then all the 22 legislators from greater Hyderabad will be jobless and that would be the end of their political career. These idiots should realize this fact. Moreover, neither congress nor TDP is ready for the dissolution of assembly since they know what will be result of the following elections.
5. Re‘venue’
Finally, one must realize that the city was build with the sweat and blood of telangana people. The main reason behind telangana movement is the injustice done to us……they did not spend our money on us……instead built dams and irrigation projects in Seemandhra and now they want our source of income……our pride….our city. We built this city and it’s our property….no questions asked. It’s our people…..our money…..our city. …and nothing can deny it whatsoever.
Finally, Hyderabad will be with UT (United Telangana) and not a UT (Union Territory).
Thanks Nani Penchala for sharing
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If you can’t convince, conceal.

During his re-election campaign in 1948, Harry S Truman, America’s thirty-third president, derided the arguments that his opponents in the Republican Party were making which he felt amounted to the old political trick; “if you can’t convince, confuse.” The Srikrishna committee report seems to have taken this a step forward and made it its own: “if you can’t convince, confuse and if you still can’t convince, then conceal.” With the launch of the non-cooperation movement from February 17, it is important to understand why the proponents of a separate Telangana feel betrayed by the report.
The committee while summarising the discussion on socioeconomic indicators has stated verbatim that Telangana might have lower social and economic indices in terms of absolute numbers but when a study of rate of change, growth rate and shares in the state economy are evaluated, nothing unusual emerges. However, the statement doesn’t hold true when the Composite Deprivation Index changes are shown over the last decade. Compiled by the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER), which has been acknowledged by the committee as a respected think-tank, the composite index aggregates the individual indices of education, health and infrastructure.
Telangana has high levels of deprivation and has recorded a decline of just 2.5 per cent during the reference decade between early to mid-1990 and early to mid-2000. Coastal Andhra, by nature has had relatively low levels of deprivation compared with other regions and it continues to sustain that level with a marginal 0.2 per cent increase. In the last decade the difference between Telangana and Andhra in the deprivation Index is still a whopping 25 per cent. Rayalaseema did have a sharp increase in the deprivation index but even that would have been offset largely with the five years that Y S Rajasekhara Reddy was chief minister when interventions in that region were made proactively.
The other parameter that needs to be looked at is the region-wise change in rural per capita income between 1993-94 and 2004-05 that is stated in the report. Telangana is the only region where large majorities of the people of the region in rural areas have had a decline in incomes. People belonging to the deprived and middle class in Telangana have all had large declines in individual incomes as they are poorer than they were a decade ago. Only the rich in Telangana have had an increase in income as compared to the other regions which have had a general increase in incomes at the bottom of the pyramid.
The report contains a one-page note on the internal security dimensions. Page 423 acknowledges that apart from the immediate law and order problems the long-term internal security implications including the growth of Maoist activities were examined. While the committee had one-to-one discussions on this subject with various officials in the administration the report that has been made public neither acknowledges the information gathered as sensitive, nor does it give a point of view of what the security establishment perceived on the security risks of creating a separate Telangana. While the committee states that the creation of a separate Telangana with or without Hyderabad is likely to experience a spurt in Maoist activity, it does not provide any facts based on which it came to such a conclusion.
While exploring the status quo option the committee states that it did not find any real evidence of any major neglect by the state government in matters of overall economic development. If Telangana is where it is today, it is not because of the policies of the state government but in spite of the policies of the state government. Moreover, the comparison of Telangana to other regions and the portrayal that it has improved at a faster pace vis-à-vis the other regions, rather than comparing the region to its own potential and recording the losses due to untimely or no interventions, seems to have only widened the psychological divide between the regions that would prove detrimental to the long term interests of the state if it were to remain united. In such a case a quick separation by introducing a bill in parliament for a separate Telangana is the only way forward.
By G. Kishan Reddy,
Andhra Pradesh BJP president.
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Overnight? Its been 15 Months !

Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram said on Tuesday that he would convene a meeting of all political parties on the Telangana issue only when all of them were “ready” to give their views. A date could not be set because he would be able to convene a meeting only when all parties were ready. At his monthly press conference, he said the government was considering the Srikrishna Committee’s recommendations. “If we invite all the eight parties to the meeting, it is my hope that they will come for it,” he said.
Mr. Chidambaram appealed for restoration of peace and order in the Telangana region, and for allowing political parties to form their opinions and the Centre to handle such difficult and delicate issues that needed a great degree of sensitivity. “One must be patient. Such issues cannot be decided overnight.”
Overnight Mr. Home Minister? Its been 15 months since you have made your statement on Telangana and more than 42 years since the 1968-69 Telangana uprising. Your Government has been making all false promises. Starting from Telangana statement to conducting the all party meet by end of February, everything was a lie.
And now, what do you mean by “ready”? Do you have any yardstick to measure the readiness? All parties have already expressed their interest in discussing the Telangana issue except yours. Your Government lacks sense of urgency and is deliberately ignoring the sacrifices made by Telanganaites to get Center’s attention for its action on it.
At a live show on Raj News yesterday, KCR said, “Chalo Hyderabad will bring the city to a complete standstill. If the Government still behaves insensitively, the agitation might take a rather unusual turn and its the Congress Government which would be responsible for it.”
Thanks Vikas for sharing
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Is ‘adhishtanam’ thinking of ‘President’s Rule’?

The political bankruptcy of Congress ‘adhishtanam’ is perhaps making it think in terms of imposing President’s Rule in A.P. to contain ‘Telangana Struggle’. The thundering success of ‘Rail Roko’ in Telangana and the timid and ambiguous reaction of Chidambaram makes it very clear that Congress adhishtanam is not coming out of its shell to solve the problem. It is not known whether it is Andhra political numbers, fear of losing power, electoral prospects in the 5 states  going to polls or combination of all these? The attitude of adhishtanam is hardening against Telangana, despite the struggle growing from strength to strength and totally paralyzing the administration in the state. This is a paradoxical behavior of a democratic Central government of the largest democracy in the world.
When we see the developments in Egypt, Tunisia and compare with Telangana Struggle, it makes one wonder whether all that is said about democracy is true? When in these totalitarian countries people could change tyrannical governments in a matter of days with almost no loss of life, how with the loss of about 1000 lives and struggling democratically for the last 54 years, Telangana people are not able to get their own state back in democratic India. Is democracy becoming a burden around the necks of freedom loving people in India? Is Congress ‘adhishtanam’ in collusion with political money mafia creating a new brand of Democracy?
The behavior of Andhra politicians, CM, Governor,PM, Congress adhishtanam in the face of mobilization of 4 ½ crores of Telangana  people for getting their ravaged state back, will make every democrat to hang his head in shame. It is a democratic tyranny practiced by all Andhra state government and Central government on Telangana people. The way Telangana people conducted ‘Rail Roko’ from 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM on 01-03-2011, has shown to outside world how the struggle is peaking up, to force both the governments on to their knees. Perhaps, providence has provided this chance to Telangana people through this arduous struggle to create a new glorious chapter of democracy. They are going to defeat the bad tenets in the democracy practiced by State and Central Governments .This is going to give a new lease of life to democracy in India.
There is an imperative need to prove Congress wrong!Let us girdle up! We will win!
Thanks Janardhan Janumpalli for sharing
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Rail Rokho continues successfully

The Rail traffic in Hyderabad and other districts of Telangana came to a grinding halt as Telanganites camped on railway tracks as part of the Rail Rokho, today.
People stopped dozens of trains in and around Hyderabad, Nalgonda, Warangal, Nizamabad, Khammam and other districts even as railway authorities have cancelled 25 express trains. The ‘rail blockade’ called by Telangana Joint Action Committee (JAC), began at 6 a.m. today and will continue for 12 hours, to demand the central government to introduce a bill in parliament for formation of separate Telangana state.
Raising slogans of ‘Jai Telangana’ and holding flags and banners, activists of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) and other constituents of the JAC, squatted on the tracks to stop the trains. Telangana leaders of the Congress, Telugu Desam Party (TDP), Telangana Praja Front and Telangana lawyers’ forum are also supporting the rail blockade.
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South Central Railway joins Non-Cooperation!

It appears as if  South Central Railway has joined Non-Cooperation agitation for Telangana! They have either canceled or rescheduled most of the Trains for today. A very good start for the Rail Rokho. It is a huge success even before it started !
Trains cancelled:
All special and passenger trains originating from and terminating in the Telangana, including Secunderabad, Kacheguda, Umdanagar, Bolarum, Medchal, Manoharabad, Lingampalli, Falaknuma, Mahbubnagar, Kurnool Town, Nizamabad, Kamareddi, Kazipet, Bhadrachalam Road, Manuguru, Peddapalli, Karimnagar, Jagityal Lingampet, Hyderabad, Warangal, Sirpur Town, Tandur and Vikarabad.
Train 12723 AP Express
Train 12713/12714 Satavahana Express
Train 12747/12748 Palnadu Express
Train 17201/17202 Golconda Express
Train 17233/17234 Bhagyangar Express
Train 17035/17036 Telangana Express
Train 17607/17608 Tungabhadra Express
Train 12706/12705 Intercity Express
Train 17208 Shirdi Express
Train 0752/0751 Secunderabad-Mancherial-Secunderabad Special
Train 01464/01463 Pune-Secunderabad-Pune Special
Train 12702 Hussainsagar Express
Train 12738 Gautami Express
Train 12710 Simhapuri Express
Train 57660 Falaknuma-Gulbarga Passenger
Train 17429 Rayalaseema Express
Train 57156/57155 Hyderabad-Wadi-Hyderabad Passenger.
Partially cancelled:
Train 12805 Janmabhoomi Express will be partially cancelled between Guntur-Secunderabad-Guntur
Train 17639/17640 Kacheguda-Akola-Kacheguda Intercity Ex-press cancelled between Kacheguda and Nanded
Train 57547 Hyderabad-Purna Passenger to be cancelled between Hyderabad and Bidar
Train 57550 Aurangabad-Hyderabad to be terminated at Bidar.
Train No. 57129 Bijapur- Bolarum Passenger will be terminated at Wadi
Train No. 17057 Deogiri Express will be terminated at Nanded.
Train No. 12791 Secunderabad-Patna Express will leave at 6 pm
Train No. 18646 East Coast Express will leave at 6 pm
Train No.17230 Sabari Express will leave at 6.15 pm
Train No.12704 Falaknuma express will leave at 6.15 pm
Train No.17016 Visakha Express to leave at 10 pm
Train No.12604 Hyderabad-Chennai Express to leave at 6.30 pm
Train 12728 Hyderabad-Vishakapatnam Godavari to leave at 6.45 pm
Train 12734 Narayanadri Express to leave at 10.30 pm
Train 17652 Egmore Express to leave at 6 pm
Train 17063 Ajanta Express to leave at 11.30 pm.
Train 11019 Konark Express will be regulated at Wadi and at stations short of Vikarabad.
Train 11020 Konark Express will be regulated suitably at stations on Vijayawada division.
Train 17001 Shirdi Sainagar-Secunderabad Express will be regulated short of Bidar and Vikarabad suitably.
Train 12650 Sampark Kranti will be regulated at Kazipet or Kacheguda.
Train 17015 Visakha Express will be regulated at Guntur
Train 12286 Duronto Express will be regulated short of Ballarshah.
Train 15015 Yeswantpur Express will be regulated short of Ballarshah.
Train 12688 Chandigarh/Dehradun-Chennai Express will be regulated short of Ballarshah
Train 12430 Hazrat Nizamuddin-Bangalore Rajdhani Express will be regulated short of Ballarshah.
Train 12724 AP Express will be regulated short of Ballarshah.
Train 16094 Lucknow-Chennai Express will be regulated short of Ballarshah.
Train 12792 Patna-Secunderabad Express will be regulated short of Ballarshah.
Train 12616 GT Express will be regulated short of Ballarshah.
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Telangana goes camping on the tracks

As the central and state governments continue to ignore the elephant in the room, the elephant for once decided to do something to force the Governments to acknowledge its presence. Despite the relentless agitation for Telangana, the governments decided they would just ignore and pretend that the issue does not exist. In every instance, they are aggressively trying to suppress the agitation by brute force. They simply pretend there is no such issue. They don’t want the TVs to show anything about it and they think the issue will just disappear. The suicides, the continuous postponement of exams, the Rachabanda debacle, the non-cooperation movement, nothing seems to make the government at least take up a token discussion on Telangana in the ongoing assembly session. So what are the choices Telanganites is left with?
Telanganites have decided they did enough waiting. First, they unleashed the Non-Cooperation movement and caught the State govt unawares. Then, they called the 2 day Telangana bandh and marked their protest by blocking anti-telangana electronic media for 2 days. Now they have gunned for the central Govt and called for a day-long Rail-Roko calling it ‘Palle Palle Pattaalameedhiki’ (Let the Villages move onto train tracks). Like all other programs that have been creatively designed to show their protests, this protests would happen mainly on tracks in villages rather than those in railway stations. While this would mean more participation from Telanganites, it would also mean difficulty for the police to foil the Rail-Roko which would affect all trains between North and South India.
All townspeople and villagers would occupy the adjoining tracks from 6 AM to 6 PM. Their cattle, their fodder will be moved on to tracks. Teachers would teach children on tracks. Doctors would keep medical camps on the tracks. Cultural troupes will perform on tracks. People from all walks of life like Washerman, Blacksmith etc will practically live and work on the tracks on March 1st, 2011. If the police gets into their usual oppressive lot with the agitators, the tracks may be disarranged  and the trains may end up stranded for 48 hours before the repairs get done.
For all the ruthlessness and insensitivity this state government is capable of, Telanganites do not expect a quick solution for their agitation but the tyrannical rulers ended up strengthening their resolve so much they wouldn’t budge until they get rid of these rulers – the 3 visible tyrants CM, Governor, DGP and the invisible group of plutocrats backing this government. By not allowing any scope for dialogue and by not allowing any debates over the issue in Assembly and the Parliament, the state and central governments have pushed Telangana to the brink. And it is them who should bear all responsibility for the events that happen henceforth. For now, Telangana goes camping onto the tracks.
Thanks Amar for sharing
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Rail Rhoko all set to paralyze transportation

The rail rokho planned by the TJAC on March 1 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. is all set to paralyze transportation in the entire Telangana region. A lot of ground work has been done with the TJAC leaders holding talks with leaders at the mandal level in all the districts of Telangana. It has already given a call to the people in villages to spill out and sit on the railway tracks and ensure that no train moves that day. The Telangana cultural troupes would also be performing dances and singing songs on the railway tracks.
They have cautioned the people of possible preventive arrests by the police. The TJAC also wants another set of leaders to be ready to organise protests on the railway tracks if the police takes into custody the existing ones. The protest would be different from other routine rail rokos since the protests would not be concentrated on main stations only but on the tracks throughout the Telangana region. People living in villages beside railway tracks would go sit on the tracks on the day. Though this would cause a lot of hardship to the people, there is no other alternative and the Congress would be able to understand the urgency of the need for delivering Telangana only if transporation is paralysed, Prof M Kodandaram said.
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Congress MLAs and MLCs join Non-Cooperation

Speaking to the media at the assembly media point, Congress MLAs and MLCs have today jointly announced that they would boycott the assembly sessions from today and join the non-cooperation agitation. They appealed  students to not ruin their future by boycotting the exams and assured them that they would fight in their place and achieve Telangana at any cost. They added that they would not attend the assembly sessions until they get a “guaranteed” assurance on the demand.
They said that they would provide their support to any kind of agitation for Telangana including the Rail Rokho on 1st March and Chalo Assembly scheduled for later this month. They did not answer with clarity to a question regarding their plan of action but, said that they would now go with the people rather than wasting their time in the assembly.
Answering to a question, they said that they demand separate Telangana with Hyderabad as its capital and nothing less. “We are confident that the highcommand would make a positive statement on Telangana in a few days.” they said.
Earlier in the day, Telangana Congress leaders have distributed pamphlets in the assembly to all the attendees requesting them to cooperate with the demand for separate Telangana.
With Congress MLAs and MLCs joining the movement, the pressure is now on TDP. Will TDP Telangana leaders also boycott the assembly and join the protests?
Lets See !
Thanks Vinay for sharing
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Will Komati Reddy resign in a couple of days?

Taking everyone by surprise, Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy had suddenly become wise and announced that he would resign and join the Telangana movement if Sonia Gandhi does not make a positive statement on Telangana in a couple of days. Wow, not really surprising but well, there is a lot to reason from his statement.
Going by the past records of these power hungry jackels, it makes one hardly believe in his statement. He might have made this statement just to put himself in the spotlight. But, if we think again, this statement is just too risky to make at this juncture. It will be very difficult for him to go out on to the streets if he goes back on his statement. Even more, he could become another JP or Nagam. So, we cant completely ignore this. It makes me believe that the rumour that has been making rounds ever since KCR rocked the assembly that, the Congress Government might make a statement on Telangana in the first week of March might be just true.
Though he may not be aware of what the statement is going to be, seems like he has some insider information and so is confident that something like that would definitely happen. With Rail Rakho all set to give another jolt to the already ailing Government and Telangana issue haunting Parliament, I believe there will be a statement on Telangana from the ruling party in this week.
Also, the announcement of Tahrir Square like gathering with a million people in Hyderabad would have sent shivers down the spine for the Congress leaders. If that happens, it would be a big shame not only to the local leaders here, but also to the Congress Highcommand. The event is widely popularized in the media and fortunately, this time, some major National media has also published about this. So, the in all likely hood, we might get to hear something from the Central Government on this issue this week.
Lets see!
Thanks Vinay for sharing
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Telangana Nammaka Droham Awards

Best Actor:  Manmohan Singh
Best Actress:  Sonia Gandi
Best Character artists: Pranab Mukarji, Veerappa Moily
Best Comedian: DS & Chiru
Best Jump: Devendar Goud (TDP-NTP-PRP-TDP)
Best Consultancy: TG CONGRESS CABINET (Antha Meme chesipedtham TG prajalu calm ga undandi)
Special Jury Award: Kiran
Best Travel Team : TG Congress MLAs & MPs (ikkada serious ga unte Delhi,Akkada serious ga unte Hyd)
Best Watchman: Ahmad Patel (TG MLA lu evaru Amma daggaraku ravaddu)
Jodi Cities Jodi Brothers : Talasani & Teegala   / Mukesh & Danam
Best Fight Masters: JP & Nagam
Best Publicity: Seemandra Vidyardi  Kishore (Iddaru unte 2 channels, Naluguru unte all channels coverage)
Best Supporting Actors: Nagam, Dayakar,Jagga Reddy, KomatiReddy Brothers
Best Director: Onti Kannu  BABU
Best Chorus: TG TDP MLAs (Seemandra Babu entha chepthe antha)
Best Producers: Lagadapati, Rayapati, Mekapati, Kavuri, Daggupati..
Best Banners:  TDP & CONGRESS
Best Studio: TDP OFFICE & 10 Janpath Road
Best Anchor: Chidambaram (9th Dec 2009)
Best Editor: Justice Sri Krishna
Best TV artists: Chalasani Srinivas, Gandra, Tulasi Reddy
Best Dialog1: Congress vallu rajinama chesthe memu chestham – NAGAM
Best Dialog2: Jai Telangana Jai TDP, Jai Chandrababu – Revanth
Life time achievement award: Roshaih
Droha Ratna Award: Babu
Best Gajiji : Damodar Reddy (Shavala Meeda Pramanam)
Best Courier Award : Narsimhan (Reports to Central)
Best  Scene: Lagadapati Deeksha & Nannapaneni odarpu
Best Confuse Master: Jana Reddy
Best Calm Actor: Jaipal Reddy & Sabitha Indra Reddy
Best  Screenplay: TG issue in TDP & Congress manifesto
Best Audience: Seema Andhra Prajalu (Antha nayakule chustunnaru kada..)
Best News Papers : Eenadu
Best TV Channels: TV9 & NTV
Composed by Sudheer Kumar.
Thanks Vikas for sharing
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Tahrir Square in Hyderabad : KCR

Around one million Telangana people will besiege Hyderabad  on March 10 and stay put till the Centre announces a T state, Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) president K Chandrasekhar Rao has said.

Addressing employees of the Intermediate Board, who have been participating in the non-cooperation movement, at the Board office here today, the TRS chief said on March 10, the city would reverberate with ‘Jai Telangana’ slogans by one million people who would reach here from across Telangana and would not go back till the Central government made a statement on the Telangana issue in the Parliament.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would act as per the wishes of UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi. She had the remote control and this was proved in the Lok Sabha when the TRS and NDA members stalled the proceedings in the House on T issue, the TRS chief said.

“When Opposition leader Sushma Swaraj cornered the Prime Minister on the T issue by explaining that four lakh government employees were not attending duties as part of their non-cooperation movement, the Prime Minister did not speak a single word on the T issue,” the TRS chief said.

“We want to demonstrate people’s wish to the UPA chairperson. So we decided to lay siege to Hyderabad,” he said. Telangana people would not get justice in United Andhra Pradesh. “All the problems of T will be solved only in a separate Tstate,” Rao declared.

The TRS would give one special increment to all government employees once the T-state was formed, which would be a Telangana increment, he added.

TTDPF convenor Nagam Janardhan Reddy, BJP state president G Kishan Reddy , TJAC chairman Prof M Kodandaram. CPI ML(New Democracy) leader Sandhya and several others addressed the meeting.
Source : ExpressBuzz
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Telangana Intifada

ఉజ్వలమై ప్రజ్వలనమై తెలంగాణ ఇంతిఫాదా
అధుగధిగొ వస్తుందన్నా , ఇధిగిధిగోవచ్చింధక్కా
మండు తున్నా అత్మల్లో రగులుతున్న జ్వాలాల్లో
బడబాజ్ఞుల్లో రుధిరాగ్నుల్లొ
పోరు మంటల వెలుగుల్లో, జ్వలిస్తున్న ఆశల్లో
కసిగ కసికసిగ,వడిగా వడివడిగా
ఉజ్వలమై ప్రజ్వలనమై తెలంగాణ ఇంతిఫాదా
అధుగధిగొ వచీంద్తమ్మి , ఇధిగిధిగో వఛిన్ధి సెల్లె
మా అమరుల ఆత్మ ఘోష మీకిప్పుడు మృత్యు ఘోషమా అమరుల ఆత్మ ఘోష మీకిప్పుడు మృత్యు ఘోష
మా వన్నె ౦  సురేంధ ర్ మొదలు మా ముస్తఫా అన్న వరకు
రక్తం చిందీంచి, అగ్గిలో బుగ్గి అయ్యీ  మా  ధిక్కు సూస్తుంటే
ఆర్తితో ఆగడుతో, కోపంతో రోషంతో
కధన్ తొక్కి యాదగిరి నర్సిమ్మలు ఉగ్రులై, రుద్రులై
దిక్కులు పిక్కటి ల్ల , లాంకోలు దద్ధరిల్ల పోరు గంట మోగిస్తుంటే
ఉజ్వలమై ప్రజ్వలనమై తెలంగాణ ఇంతిఫాదా
అధుగధిగొ వచిందమ్మా , ఇధిగిధిగో వచ్చిందయ్యా
మన ద్రోహుల మట్టుబెట్టి, జగన్ ధన్దు చుట్ట బెట్టి
కావూరి హిల్స్ చడును చేసి, లాం కొను లంకల ధించి
జయభేరి బూర తీసి, రాయపాటి రంగు తీసి
సీయమ్ల, గవర్నర్ల మర్యాదగా సాగనంపి
లజ్జ లేని మన మంత్రుల గున్ పార్క్‌ల వంగబెట్టే
లాంగ్ మార్చ్ వచ్చిందయ్యా, ఇమ్మినెంట్లీ విమోచనయ్యా
ఉజ్వలమై ప్రజ్వలనమై తెలంగాణ ఇంతిఫాదా
అధుగధిగొ వచిందమ్మా , ఇధిగిధిగో వచ్చిందయ్యా
గౌలీగుడ గళ్లీలో, గుల్ జార్  హౌస్ సందులో
మధీన మండ్ల ల్లో , హుస్సైని అలం బురుజుల్లో
ఫీల్‌ఖానా అడుగుల్లో, బెగమ్ బజార్ నగవుల్లొ
ఆడిక్కమెట్ సదువుల్లొ, మాంకాలమ్మ పూజల్లో
భాగులతో, చెరువులతో అలరారిన మా నేల
ఈజిప్ట్ లలను , లిబియా లను, ట్యూనీషియా లను
అగ్రాణించుకున్న నేల,ఆఫ్రికన్ కేవల్రీ ఉన్న నే ల ,
ఇరానీయన్ల కన్న నే ల
కాయస్థులు, కన్నడిగులు, మరాటీలు
తమిళులు రాజస్థానీలు , మన ముస్లిం భాయీలు
కలిసి మేలిసి ఆలయ్ భలాైలు ఇచుకున్న నేల
అసలు సిసలు మా  నేల హైధారభాధు మా స్వేధం, మా స్వంతం
మరి అహంతో, మధంతో  ఇంకా ధోచుకొనే ధాహంతో కాదంటే
అధె లాల్ దర్వాజా నుండి మీ అసెంబ్లీ అని కులుకుతున్న మా హైధెరబాధు టౌన్ హాల్ వరకు
కత్తులను చేతబట్టి మీ కుత్తుకలు ఉత్తరీయా
ఎగిసి ఎగిసి పడుతున్న తెలంగాణ ఇంతిఫాదా
ఉజ్వలమై ప్రజ్వలనమై తెలంగాణ ఇంతిఫాదా
అధుగధిగొ వచింధీ భై, ఇధిగిధిగోవచ్చింది బహెన్
Jai Telangana
Bala Yugandar
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In Video : Seemandhrites go on hunger strike for Telangana

Barring a few capitalists, any common man including Seemandhrites would definitely support Telangana. Any one would understand the decades of pain. Here is an example. Seemandhrites go for an hunger strike for formation of Telangana.Thank you guys.
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Why debate ‘Hyderabad’??!!

Why are we keen on debating over Hyderabad? Is it to create a new handle for andhras?
Let us examine the issue dispassionately:
1. It is not for the first time a state in independent India is divided. There are umpteen number of instances. Bombay, Madras, Assam, MP, Bihar and UP states are divided. As for the state capital in case of division of A.P. also, we can follow the criterion followed in these instances.
2. The case of separation of Andhra state from Madras is most relevant to the situation. We should follow the same criterion. More over it s not a division of state as in case of other states; it is a merger. Andhras had nothing to do with Hyderabad before 1956. Their claim for Hyderabad is preposterous and without any valid foundation.
3. The Andhra politicians are used to parasitic living. They copy poisonous snakes, who occupy anthills built painstakingly by ants and claim as their own. They tried to do the same when parting from Madras. Because madras had more political numbers and had more political clout with Central Government, they could not succeed. Now because they have more political numbers and the Center is in collusion with them, they are trying to muddle with Hyderabad.
4. Andhra politicians would indulge in ‘Goebbelism’ whenever they covet something. They are past masters in this kind of thing. Now they have started that they have developed Hyderabad, as if Hyderabad as one of the premier cities of India did not exist before 1956. They do not agree to the idea that Hyderabad developed based on its past growth, geographical situation and dynamics of its own like Bangalore and other cities. Everybody knows that their claim is a blatant lie. But they combine their unscrupulousness, ill gotten money, political numbers and their captive media in trying to shape the opinions. They are crafty enough to  corrupt even ‘God’. The ‘adhishtanam’ is no exception. They have shown a recent sample of this in case of ‘SKC’ Report.
5. In opposition to their developing Hyderabad, there is plenty of evidence how they have used Hyderabad and its surroundings as spring board for their becoming filthy rich and even challenge adhishtanam.The irrefutable evidence of siphoning off Telangana’s budget and Revenue and spending it in Andhra area, pushing Telangana deliberately backward is there all to see. Then why we are discussing about Hyderabad? Is it to reward these ‘Thugs and Pindaris’ for their plunder of thousands of crores of rupees of Hyderabad and Telangana Revenue? Instead debate on the quantum of this loot, for compensation to Telangana in the event of separation.
6. Some T-Congress elements are piping tunes for some kind of safeguards to andhras in Hyderaabd city. Even JAC is asking andhras to come and debate their demands. This is a dangerous thinking. Andhra politicians are sure to latch on to this and murky up the things to their advantage.
7. If it is to allay the fears of Andhra people living in Hyderabad and assure them to live in Hyderabad even after separation, as per the provisions of Indian Constitution, or to become naturalized citizens of Telangana, it is alright.
8. But thinking of safe guards to andhras in Hyderabad city is retrograde action. When A.P. was formed, certain statutory safeguards were given to Telangana people, for historical reasons. But andhras have crushed these safe guards under their feet. Even they have got abrogated ‘Mulki Rules’, up held by The Supreme court. When Telangana people do not need constitutionally provided safeguards, why safe guards for andhras now?
9. Any safe guard whether small or big in Hyderabad to people of Andhra region is a travesty of justice. It is like rewarding them for the plunder of Hyderabad and Telangana for the last 54 years. It would be like ransom paid for their political hegemony. It would be an insult to martyrs of Telangana and the people who are fighting with their back to the walls and are suffering untold miseries. Andhras should live in Hyderabad like Marwadis, Gujaratis etc., enjoying all the constitutional liberties. Nothing more and nothing less.
Therefore T-politicians and JAC should confine themselves for assuring Andhra people for their constitutional rights in Hyderabad. Do not entertain any idea of safeguards. If it is so, you will be planting another thorn in the flesh of Telangana people. After all this Marathon struggle at this stage, do not think of political expediencies. Let us help our people take, this glorious struggle to its logical end with out any detrimental compromises.
Thanks Janardhan Janumpalli for sharing
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Five million people to lay siege on Hyderabad

The Telangana Joint Action Committee (JAC) plans to mobilise five million people to lay siege to the city in the second week of March in what is seen as a final phase of the movement for the separate state. The JAC is confident that people from all 10 Telangana districts, including Hyderabad, would participate in the protest.
According to JAC convenor M Kodandaram, the protestors would block roads and not leave until the central government agrees to form a separate state. This is expected to be the biggest ever gathering for Telangana above and beyond the Telangana Maha Garjana held in December. The JAC is confident of a massive turnout as the movement has intensified across the region during the last one month.
Buoyed by the huge public response to the two-day Telangana shutdown Tuesday-Wednesday and the impact it had even in Hyderabad, the JAC plans to go all-out for achieving its goal. On Friday it began holding rallies to express solidarity with about 300,000 government employees who are continuing their non-cooperation movement since February 17. The rallies will continue on Saturday.
Rejecting the government’s appeal to call off the movement, the Telangana employees have also threatened to go on an indefinite strike after March 5 if the central government failed to make a clear announcement on Telangana. The administration has already come to a standstill with the non-cooperation movement. The lawyers are also boycotting the courts while university students are participating in the protests for separate state.
The JAC also plans 24-hour ‘rail roko’ and more protests to mount pressure on ruling Congress party legislators to join the movement.
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Demerge Waltair from ECR but not Telangana from AP!?

Today, I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine as we were watching Mamatadi present the railway budget. My friend was disappointed that a decision has not been taken regarding the demerger of Waltair division from East Coast Railway (ECR) and merger of the same with South Central Railway (SCR). Alternatively, the division was preferred to be made a separate railway zone. Explaining the long-standing demand, my friend said the Waltair division comprising Vizag is the largest revenue earning division in ECR but ECR is supposedly giving the division a ‘step-motherly treatment’. Apparently, before Waltair division was merged into ECR in 2003, it was having rich funds. My friend gave few examples about depots and their budgets. These budgets were slashed by ECR once it absorbed Waltair. In short, all revenue generated in Waltair is being moved to develop other parts of ECR, mainly in Orissa. ECR also seem to have extended all trains originating/ending in Vizag till its headquarters Bhubaneshwar. Waltair also seem to have lost quite a few railway engineering jobs to Bhubaneshwar in this process. And now these jobs are seen ‘out of bound’ for local youth as they are harassed and beaten in Bhubaneshwar when they go there for recruitment exams.
And now the issue is that ECR wont let go of the cashcow and it is quite understandable! ECR does not want to lose revenue by losing the ‘rich’ Waltair division. So despite a very prevalent demand among public, no railway minister is granting the much sought divorce.
What is not understandable is that the same friend, who is generally quite objective, does not apply the same logic for Telangana’s demerger from AP and instead argues how the demand is ‘regressive’. I told my friend that if the demand for Telangana is ‘narrow-minded’, so is the demand of Waltair’s demerger. If Telangana movement is a hate campaign against Andhrites, so is the Demerge Waltair campaign against Oriyas. Of course, neither me nor my friend think the Waltair demand is a hate campaign. All we need to understand is that we should not over simplify these demands. They are justified demands and aspirations. These demerger decisions would bring localised focus on regional development and a more transparent scheme of things where we know sources and destinations of revenues which contributes to better planning and a faster development of resources and infrastructure.
Let us not change the logic, rationality of arguments simply because we think we will ‘lose’ by accepting the truth. In fact, all of this ‘loss’ or ‘profit’ is just perception. Neither me nor my friend would benefit or lose anything personally depending on whether Waltair or Telangana is demerged. So I am not sure why friend can not be objective in both the cases. As my friend said, Vizag station would remain just the way it is, despite a potential to become a central station in the south-east region, because it is not the priority of those in power in ECR at Bhubaneshwar. However he would not agree that Telangana would remain the same because it is not the priority of those in power in Secretariat. At least, not yet. But I think it is a matter of time before he realizes. Right now, To each, his own truth!
Thanks Amar for sharing
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Ajab Babu, Ghazab Cotton

One of our bright and young Andhra guy star Babu goes to University in US for education and decides to stays in hostel, turns out his roommate Cotton Jr. is a great grandson of Sir Arthur Cotton, famous Britisher who built great dam on Godavari (Dawaleshwaram) and lot of canals. So our Babu genuinely gets excited and explains to Cotton Jr. (grandson) how prosperous they are because of what his great grandfather did and he is ready to do anything for him. Cotton Jr. gets embarrassed hearing “anything” But, nods in acceptance and says “Oh yeah, I am glad people still remember my great grandfather for what he did in madras state”. Babu is taken aback, does not like someone reminding him his past, keeps quiet though.
So at the end of semester our Babu invites Cotton Jr. to visit his place to show what his great grandfather did to his area to which Cotton Jr. gladly accepts. Once they have landed in Hyderabad, Babu gives him a city tour and specifically Hitech city area even though Cotton Jr. wanted to see historic monuments and forts and says “We developed this city Otherwise It was nothing”. Cotton Replies “Babu, My last name is Cotton, That doesn’t mean you can put Cabbages in my ears”.
In the evening @ hotel Babu turns on the TV and tunes into TV “NOW” and say’s watch OUR channel; Cotton Jr. had no clue why he was stressing out ‘OUR’ channel. Immediately a star MP who owns quite bit of real estate business in HYD is on TV “NOW” and starts blabbering how they have developed HYD in last 20 years and that they should own it. Watching this Babu had a closeup smile on his face.
Cotton Jr. asks what’s so funny, Babu explains about Telangana movement and how the leaders from their area are trying to crush it. From there, Conversation flows as follows.
Cotton Jr. : Don’t you think what you are rooting for is wrong? How can you be a part of system which is the reason for 369 innocent student deaths in 1969 and 600 more in 2010? Dont you have any humanity?
Babu : No, I don’t care, all I care about is my father’s business and our real estate.
Cotton Jr : How are your folks able to control such a huge movement?
Babu : We are following same rules book as your grandfather; We control media, politicians and even governor of this state with our money and any committees Govt. of India appoints.
Cotton Jr. : Really, How about elected representatives?
Babu : We control them too, Until recently, All the party heads were from our region. We deny the ticket if they don’t oblige.
Cotton Jr: How about educated youth from Telangana?
Babu: We created a self proclaimed reformer to take care of them, “Our Guy”(with beaming face) who’s idol is Winston Churchill is on our side. He branded the fighting students as ‘Terrorists’ just like how your grandfather regime used to do with Indian independence fighters by branding them as Terrorists and throwing them in jails.
Cotton Jr.: A Indian reformer, fan of Churchill, who called Gandhi as “Naked Fakir”, You must be kidding.
Babu: No Kidding. This is AP, He talks about constitution and democracy and comes to senses only when he hears “Jai Telangana” and from there our channels will take care.
Cotton Jr.: I hope he uses his knowledge for real upliftment and empowering the people.
Babu: Hope. I know you support Obama. (Laughs) . He is India’s Obama.
Cotton Jr.: Holy Cow !!!
Babu: No, He is sacred cow.
Cotton Jr. : Leave the cows. I read about Hyderabad history on Wikipedia it is existing and seventh richest country in the world even before your forefathers were planning to be born. So how come you are claiming it to be yours just by putting up some buildings in last 20 years?
Babu : Who cares about history and how developed it was even before we arrived here we just portray as if we created it. As is I said we control media we send out all wrong info to everywhere.
Cotton Jr. : But you were partying with us when Egypt got free from Mubarak’s hand, then how come you guys are doing the same thing to your own people?
Babu: That was not my problem so I was partying, but this is my problem since I own piece of land in Hyderabad.
Cotton Jr. and Babu goes around in Andhra and visits all the dams and canals, Cotton is mesmerized seeing what his great grandfather did with will. He felt proud to be his great grand son.
Cotton Jr. borrows Babu’s phone to call UK. Babu hands out “IDEA” phone he does not know that (Oka Idea Jeevitanne Marchstundani). Cotton Jr. dialed out to his grandfather who lives in London.
Cotton Jr. : Hello grandpa
Cotton Sr. : Hello my grandson, how’s India? has it changed any bit from where we left off? Where you at?
Cotton Jr. : India has changed, Indian people did not. I am in Coastal Area of Andhra, part of madras you knew.
Cotton Sr.: I had no doubt. Even though we hear lot of good things around here, I have seen and played with some of them during my childhood in that area, they circumvent all rules, I am sure they corrupted supreme court judges by now.
Cotton Jr. : Grand Pa, your grand father, my great grand father, have ruled India for 200 years right? There are strange people living here they are claiming that by staying in a city for 20 years and building couple of buildings and flyovers which are not worth their cement with government money, they developed the city.
Cotton Sr. : How can that be?
Cotton Jr: Grandpa if these guys living in a city for 20 years are claiming to be theirs, how about our family claiming all the area’s which your grandfather have developed in 200 years to be yours including our Babu’s land since they are under the great dam you built.
Cotton Sr.: Grandson, I think your Friend is in fools paradise. Tell him he will meet the same fate as British did. Now, take the next flight and get your bum here. I don’t want you to roam with that Babu anymore.
Hearing this there was no sign of blood on our star Babu’s face. Cotton Jr. Handed over the IDEA phone with a glee on his face and headed towards hyderabad, City of Nawabs humming the song “Biryaani, Biryaani Hyderabad Biryaani” from movie Angrez.
Characters and Names are fictitious and any resemblance is unwarranted.
Writer: Vijay
Editor: Bharath
Thanks Vijay and Bharath for sharing
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Police officers join Non-Cooperation

Amid growing demands for carving a separate Telangana state out of Andhra Pradesh, staff of a senior police officer in Medak district Thursday joined the on-going non-cooperation movement against the state government. Employees of the office of the Medak district police superintendent joined the Telangana movement and demanded a bill in parliament for the formation of a separate Telangana state.
Leaders of the Telangana Joint Action Committee (JAC) staged a sit-in outside the police superintendent’s office following reports that he warned employees against joining the movement.
K. Tarakarama Rao appealed to policemen to join other government employees participating in the movement. He told reporters that the policemen in other districts should emulate their counterparts in Medak.
Andhra Pradesh Police chief Aravinda Rao, however, as expected, denied that any police have joined the movement!
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Mammoth rally in Hyderabad in the first week of March

The Telangana Political Joint Action Committee(TPJAC), which has been spearheading various forms of protests, today decided to organise a mammoth rally in Hyderabad in the first week of March by bringing people from all over the Telangana region. It is also planning to ask people to show their protests by squatting on railway tracks similar to the one held by the Gujjars in Rajasthan. More details to follow.
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Capital City of Andhra State : Discussion

This morning, I came across this group on Facebook called “Capital City of ‘Andhra’ State -Debates and Discussions”. The mission is:
This forum is for the discussions and debates on the “Official Name” and Capital City of the Proposed Andhra State.
We have nominated 4 cities. You can nominate other cities as well. Do not get in to other issues. Just the name of ‘Andhra state’ and Capital city.
4. Visakhapatnam
The group requests its members to refrain from getting in to other topics.
Taking up other relevant issues is not disallowed.
The group expects a certain methodology for any studies and conclusions that the members present here on forum.
If not today, tomorrow the people of Andhra have make this choice., Don’t get all emotional over this. One getting emotional over his state’s capital city is not cool :)
And, here is their map:

Interesting though!
Thanks Vikas for sharing
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SAs launch hunger-fast for Telangana!

Telangana Political Joint Action Committee (TPJAC) Convenor Kodandaram on Thursday inaugurated a hunger-fast site launched by people of Seemandhra regions in support of the separate Telangana demand.
Speaking to a gathering, Prof. Kodandaram said that there will be no pressure on the people of Andhra and Rayalaseema regions to leave. He said that the people from the other 2 regions in Andhra Pradesh – coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema – need not return after a separate Telangana is formed. He added that the demand for a separate Telangana state does not mean cleansing the region of Seemandhra people, but having the right to make decisions for oneself, and to break the dominance of ‘capitalists’.
Prof. Kodandaram said that the separate statehood protagonists are only opposed to the domination of the ‘capitalists’ who are exploiting the natural resources of Telangana for their selfish ends. He added that the future government of Telangana state would be duty-bound to protect and support people who originate from other places.
The TPJAC convenor also added that it was only a few capitalists who were opposed to the bifurcation of the state and the common man across Andhra Pradesh was in favour of a separate Telangana. He said that some ‘politicians with vested interests’ were coming in the way of Telangana state formation to protect their businesses and properties.
Prof. Kodandaram added that the TPJAC was always in favour of dialogue and would welcome any Seemandhra leader who would come forward to discuss their problems.
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Non-Cooperation costs Government Rs 800 cr a day

The non-cooperation movement for a separate Telangana has caused a loss of over Rs 2500 crore to the Andhra Pradesh state exchequer. State officials have estimated the loss at around Rs 800 crore per day due to this non-cooperation movement. The scenario is, however, not going to get any better until Parliament introduces the bill for the formation of a separate state.
Political Joint Action Committee chief Professor Kodanda Ram says that there is no way in which this agitation is going to stop. “This is an exercise to build up pressure and it will not stop at any cost until there is a solution. There will be no violence and we had stated the moment the Shri Krishna Commission report came out that non cooperation would be the only way out in order for our demand to be met,” he said.
At present, there are around 2.8 lakh employees from the Telangana region working in government offices. These employees are spread over 12 districts, including the city of Hyderabad. All these employees barring the ones from the police department are on strike. The biggest problem that the government faces is the non-collection of taxes. State capital Hyderabad, which is also part of the Telangana region, has most number of employees from this region. Taxes have not been collected at all levels and this is causing a nightmare to the government, which continues to incur losses.
The students, on the other hand, are also stepping up the pressure and none of the educational institutions are functional, as the teachers have refused to report to work. The situation is the same in the hospitals where doctors and nurses in government hospitals too are taking part in this non-cooperation movement. On the other hand, the people of the Telangana region are not paying bus fares during travel. This has caught on among the people of Telangana. Initially, some of these persons were arrested, but now the authorities have stopped acting on this.
All India Congress Committee Secretary P Sudhakar Reddy says that the government has to take a quick decision on this issue since the losses are building as each day passes. “If the government does not react soon, the state will witness a financial emergency,” he said.
The political JAC will meet on Thursday and Friday to decide on the further course of action. The JAC says that it wants to replicate BJP’s successful 2G scam protest. There would be pressure built up on the Congress and the TDP MLAs from the Telangana region to step down. Proceedings in the assembly and Parliament are likely to be disrupted as part of this protest.
The JAC feels that the pressure on these MLAs, especially from the Congress, has to be stepped up. Congress leaders in New Delhi told MLAs from the state that they cannot face any more embarrassment, as the government is already scam ridden.
The MLAs have allegedly assured the party high command that they will lie low for sometime until the Union Budget, failing which they have to resort to drastic measures and tender resignations. The MLAs also stated that if there is no action on Telangana, they cannot even return to their constituencies leave alone win another election from the Telangana region.
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Civil Society will liberate Telangana, ‘City by City’

Indian Government approach on Telangana issue is condemnable, not just that, they are stretching it to the fag end , almost to the breaking point . Until now I have given Sonia regime a benefit of doubt for the difficulties they are having over deep Scams & Scandals that were recently unearthed. But now any blind eye or a laid back at…ti…tude towards the Telangana will lead to an big civil explosion , and Armed Forces may not able to handle it. Its after effect will be too dangerous for the civil society . I wish my Telangana to go into History as an Epic of bravery and ultimate sacrifice and certainly not as region of violence and hatred .
A serious civil unrest is prevailing among the masses in Telangana region . A small spark can give rise to big rising of Egypt – Libya kind of revolution. Civil society has now armed itself with mistrust over Central and State governments handling of things. This situation may give arise to something called “Fog of War” , in which anger , hatred , suspicion will take rounds and rounds and in turn may target either Government establishment or Soft target like Seema Andhra Settlers in Hyderabad. If my nightmare comes true , then soil of Telangana will be drenched in the BLOOD of anti-Telanganites . Then name of Telangana will be recorded in History with blood. Which is uncalled for and shoud be avoided at any cost. Telanganites can not be blamed for any such incidents, if ever happens .
When people of Telangana watch on Television screens, the repeatedly brutal attacks of police personnel on activists, it deeply hurts, and has not well taken by the peace lovers . What we see on screens are the incidents really happening on the streets of Osmania University Campus . This ‘State’ brutality (Rajya Himsa) is completely unacceptable and must be resisted, if not it will have dire consequences. The repeated abuses of Armed Forces and repression by government machinery will only fuel more unrest in the region . Consequences of such State brutality on their subjects will give rise to an bigger violent retaliation. This is exactly happening in Telangana region .
People have come together with closed fists and fighting with their chest high with bravery against the Armed Forces . Osmania University is an example of such bravery , thousands of police with head gear, arm guard, leg guard, batons, fiber shields were not able to contain the might of few hundred students . Hundreds of Tear gas shells are fired daily , dozens of rubber bullets are fired daily but still the armed forces have failed to take over students bastion . This is where we should learn our lessons , the more we brutalise the society , the more will be the rage of civil society.
No doubt , a big revolution is happening on the soil of Telangana . its just matter of time and this will be recognized by World Historians too and will be credited on par with Russian- French revolution . This revolution will change the course of Indian history as well . That day is not far away in Telangana, that a mass revolution like that of Egypt & Libya will unfold . Mark my words if Telangana announcement is further delayed , masses just like Libya and Egypt will turn up and will liberate “city after city” by force .
Yesterdays Warangal meet of “Laksha Ninadalu – Laksha Nivalulu” by its citizens has given enough signals that “City after City” will be forcefully taken away and no Armed Force would able to stop it . Even Tanks on roads or Air raids can never be able to contain this civil upsurge.
I was in Warangal last week , and there was no distant hint of such a big chunk of civil society marching to one point of the city for their noble cause . Just one small call by local JAC inspired almost a Lakh to march to the centre of City and lay siege the entire place all the day . Surprisingly women came in huge number , they came with “bonalu & bathukamma” over their heads , youth came along with banners, placards and flags . It turned unto look like a sea of humanity, and with one Lakh activist chanting slogans in one voice had an echo all over the city . This was just small exhibition of their might , which may come real in true sense of revolution, and may be replicated in every city . No government machinery can stand to that kind of up rise . Further, this march of forceful liberation by natives may spread to Hyderabad from all the corners of Telangana . Then none of us can guarantee the safety of Life and Properties of Seema-Andhra settlers , who by large are labeled as coverts .
My request to Seema –Andhraites is to come out of your shell, take a stand and convince the Plutocrats to recognize the sentiments, aspirations of 4 crore native Telanganites . Now the ball is in your court . We Telanganites are peace lovers , my appeal to all the stake holders of Andhra Pradesh bifurcation is please don’t make our hands soil in your blood. We waited for last 50 years , borne all your Insults and treachery, still we treat you as our own. Even in middle of this fierceful agitation , we umpteen times have exhibited our generous heart , not one Seema-Andhra settler was hurt . We bled ourselves, We braved state brutality , We committed suicides but never felt like hurting you. Kindly acknowledge this generosity, support Telangana formation and live along with us here after in the same camaraderie .
Thanks Raj Karsewak for sharing
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TDF UK & Europe Condemns Moily’s Statement

Telangana Development Forum UK & Europe, severely condemns the statement given by Mr. Veerappa Moily in parliament “mentioned that that for formation of a new state a resolution has to be first passed by the Andhra Pradesh Assembly”
It is very pity that being a member of parliament, Mr. Moily doesn’t have awareness on Indian constitution. According to Article 3 in the constitution it is very clear that the bill needs to be initiated by the Parliamentarians, President seeking the views from state assembly within set timeframe – whatever are the views from the state assembly, bill can be introduced in the parliament.
It seems Mr.Moily bent towards the Seemandhra MP’s/Ministers lobbying & making such ridiculous statements in most sacred place [Parliament] of democratic system without the knowledge of constitution.
How can it be possible to pass the resolution in state assembly, when out of 294 MLA’s in state assembly about 175 are from Seemandhra that is about 60 percent? For Example say if Tamilnadu is merged with Kerala for whatever reasons after 50 years Kerala region wants to get separate state status in Indian constitution, is it logical or ethical to go and seek the approval from entire Tamilnadu (bigger & more MLA’s) region ignoring the peoples wish from Kerala? [This is just an example to make it clear that what’s happening with Telangana region].
State is decided by the majority’s decision in parliament, so this issue needs to be resolved at central level not at the state level. Therefore TDF UK & Europe condemns Mr. Moily’s statement in the house of Parliament & demands apologies to people of India for making such baseless statement.
Nagender Chindam
TDF UK Europe

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